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who we are

P1 continuously seeks new avenues to enhance its performance and widen its scope and services, in order to expand and compete aggressively.

P1 International (P1) formerly known as Dialers is located in the nation’s capital of Kuala Lumpur in the center of the cities financial and retail district. Dialers’ was incorporated in Malaysia on the 24th day of August 1991, and initialized their debt recovery services to the general market effective the month of June 1998.

The company has only two individuals serving as its directors effective the month of June 1998. Built on the premise of integrity and commitment, P1 has gradually flourished and is today a primary contributor to all its clients. We are an economically sound organization, which we believe is the core of any organization.

The services offered by P1 are designed to meet the individual needs of any establishment.Our staff’s are professionals and are committed to the task of providing efficient, effective and productive results.

We work within the guidelines as set by our clients and adhere to all regulations in regards to the laws of the land, regulations enforced by Bank Negara Malaysia as well as terms and conditions set by our clients in their respective agreements.

P1 does not consider itself as a third party agent but more of an extension arm of our clients.

We're your better business partner.

our compliance

Rules & Regulations • Policy Requirements • Transparency • Practices • Standard • Law

P1 strictly adheres to the following:

  • Financial Services Act 2013 (FSA)
  • Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 (IFSA)
  • Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA)
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices, Circular 2007 (FDCP)
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML)
  • Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT)
  • Client’s SLA
  • P1’s Code of Ethics

our features

P1 facilitates the collection process by preserving a positive client customer relationship by delivering efficient and amicable debt recovery solutions.

There are no hidden costs. If we do not recover, you do not pay.

Dedicated account managers advise clients throughout the collection process and gain an in-depth understanding of each debt to devise the most appropriate course of action.

Every debt is treated individually. Debt information is analysed on receipt and a decision taken as to the BEST POSSIBLE way to recover the debt.

P1’s debt collection technology-BLUE, automates the debt collection processes. This allows our professional debt collectors to focus on making personal contact with the consumer.

P1’s expert debt collectors contact each customer personally. This personal approach allows disputes to be resolved immediately and amicably to ensure maximum collection.

P1 conducts personal field visits where it’s deemed necessary, the customer can be visited at home or work to ensure maximum effectiveness.

P1’s clients are notified on each case as developments occur and receive regular reports. Reports can be delivered in a range of formats and tailored to specific requirements.

P1’s debt recovery professionals are fully trained in mediation to quickly resolve disputes.

P1 accepts instructions in any format from our clients including post, fax, email and other electronic formats.

what we do

Deliver Consistent • Accurate • Timely Resolutions

Credit Control Support

P1 works as an extension to your credit control department to provide an effective and efficient debt recovery and credit management service.

  • The accounts in this referral are considered the most sensitive and are treated with the highest level of customer service. These are valued customers of the client that may have over looked or forgotten about the payment due for their respective facilities.
  • The task would be to contact the customers in order to advise them about their account and also to inform them of the minimum amount that is required and to inquire as to when they would be making the payment.
  • We specialise in assisting clients to optimise the collection of delinquent debt and therefore improve profitability. Through continual analysis of portfolio performance and innovation, we work in partnership with our clients to refine and deploy customer contact strategies, which enhance collections performance, maximise customer.

Debt Recovery

P1 works as an extension to your credit control department to provide an effective and efficient debt recovery and credit management service.

  • These are also valued customers of the client who have had their facility blocked or suspended due to non-payment.
  • Due to the nature of the referral, it is crucial that the customers are contacted forthwith and the minimum payment due collected immediately in order to prevent from the facility being cancelled permanently. Preventing the facility from being cancelled is extremely important as customers who have had their facility cancelled are a source of revenue that is being lost permanently and become a source of revenue for the competitor.
  • Field visits would also be conducted to all addresses provided by the applicant in his or her facility application. Further visits would also be conducted to any addresses that have been generated via our field investigations.
  • The individuals in these referrals are no longer classified as customers but are now deemed as debtors and are a liability and no longer a source of revenue for the client.
  • Accounts referred via these assignments are pursued vigorously and vehemently. Telephone calls, field visits and letters are dispatched simultaneously upon receiving the referral. The following actions are conducted immediately upon assignment of account.

our services

We are focused on an ethical and compliant approach to debt collection

Services Offered

Financial Collection
Commercial Debt Collection
International Debt Collection
Mortgage Collection
Hire Purchase

Industries Serviced

Financial Institutions
B2B Recovery Services

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Say hello by email or give us a call on +60 3 40420557. Let us know if you have questions and how we can serve you better.

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